Sunday, December 9, 2012

Raymond, 35 years old

How much do you run? 
Around 14 miles a week.  But I am going to try to bump that around 20 miles a week, adding another 5 - 7 mile run to my routine after the winter. 

How long have you been a runner? 
4 years.

How did you start running? 
I needed to loose weight and it seemed to be the fastest and most effective way to do it.  It's kind of hard to half-ass running. If you run from point A to point B you always have to go back to point A so it is easy to finish a run you start.

Best running experience
I love running in the very early morning where you can see the sun rise!  The blues and purples and everything waking up is just beautiful to me!

Unexpected benefit of running
It's a time to myself to kind of meditate and test the extremes of my body.

Running-induced crazy story 
Not sure what to discuss here. The black and blue toes and general pain I feel most days? What it was like running after hurricanes Irene and Sandy to see all kinds of odd debris on the East River run? I find it crazy that I would continue to run all these years or that I would ever allow my body to fall apart.  I am equally amazed by how easily mother nature can wreck havoc on our lives. I think of our city as powerful and strong so the effect of Sandy is that much more humbling.  These are both topics I often contemplate while running the East River, Central Park, or other parts of the world I've had the opportunity to run.

Advice for new runners 
Spend the money on the RIGHT shoes.  Take risks and continually challenge yourself. And lastly, every once and a while run with someone you know if faster than you to help push yourself just a little bit more.

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