Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shawnessy, 30 years old

How much do you run?
I've been running 6 days a week ranging from 6-21 miles for each run for the last number of months. However, I just completed the Chicago Marathon, so I'm currently taking about 2 weeks off of running. Once I start again this week, I'll run 4-6 days a week, averaging about 20-30 miles per week. This changes depending on what I'm training for throughout the year.

How long have you been a runner?
I've been running since I was a teenager, so about 16 years I think. As a kid I ran around with my brothers and sisters and we would race up our long driveway in the summer. In junior high, I became active in sports and as a freshman I joined the track team, where I sprinted through high school with my sisters.  

How did you start running?
I wanted to maintain fitness as I prepared for preseason field hockey back in high school, so would go for a run here and there during the summer. After playing junior high softball, my skills as a first baseman weren't as strong as I had hoped and I decided I was a better runner, so I joined the track team. I've been running consistently ever since.

Best running experience
I have so many great running experiences, but will try to narrow it down! Running at midnight for the Ragnar Relay. Seeing a moose during my first marathon. Breaking the 400m record in high school. Finishing a marathon. Exploring new places while running on my trips. I could go on, which is a good sign that running is an important and great part of my life.

Unexpected benefit of running
The amazing friends that I've made over the years. When I first started running it was at my very small high school and being on the track team wasn't super cool. But ever since running became mainstream, I've met some really great people over the years, and have also continued to share running with my sisters--we've been running together for over 15 years. Also, it's such a stress reliever. In college, I would get upset over an exam and would go for a hard run. Nowadays if I have a bad day at work, I just want to run it out. 

Running-induced crazy story
Again, there are just too many. Running a marathon (actually 6 of them). I know it's normal nowadays, but it's still kind of crazy. Seeing a moose during that first marathon. Good thing I just keep running. Running a half marathon in freezing temps that resulted in icicles (or sweat-cicles). Seeing nutty costumes and antics during races. And so much more...
Advice for new runners
Take it easy. Start with low mileage and go slow. Gradually build up and before you know it, you won't be able to stop.

Want to know more about Shawnessy?
Check out her blog. http://shawny-30-fun.blogspot.com/

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