Saturday, September 22, 2012

Michele, 41 years old

How much do you run?
16 - 20 miles a week.

How long have you been a runner?
Since sophomore year in college. I run for fun.

How did you start running?
My college roommate dragged me to the track and said I would love it- I did!  Especially running with music! 

Best running experience
Finishing the NYC marathon with my friend Les-- 5 seconds under our goal time. We trained together for months, which was part of what made it fun.

Around the mid point of the race, we lost some time meeting up with another runner.  All that stuff about the marathon being a 20 mile run with a 10k race afterwards felt true. By mile 20, we were feeling broken and that all hope was lost to meet our goal time. At just that moment another friend decided to help and paced us (quickly!) all the way to Columbus Circle (about a quarter mile from the finish line) to get us in under our goal time. Running the whole race with Les and having several friends run alongside us and cheering us on at key times motivated us to meet our goal.

Unexpected benefit of running
Meeting lots of great friends I would have never met otherwise. 

Running-induced crazy story
Minutes after finishing the above marathon having to do CPR on a runner down at the finish line who came back after a few minutes and sat up and spoke French!!

Advice for new runners
Go at your own pace - don't worry what everyone else is doing- and just enjoy. 

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